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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Martyred for Her Hijaab

The brutal murder of 32-year old Marwa EL-Sherbini in a German court, by a German savage seems to have slipped by mainstream media without even raising an eyebrow. Yet this was a typical case of religious terrorism that the West and its propagandist media so ardently condemn. Of course, by the rules of Western hypocrisy, the definition of terrorism depends entirely on who the victims are.

For years now we have reminded readers of how cheap Muslim blood is in the eyes of the West. The barbaric slaying of this young mother is another ominous reminder of this harsh and evil reality. Had the roles been reversed, with the victim being a white western female and the killer a Muslim, the incident would have grabbed world headlines like never before. It would have been the sensationalism that newshounds thrive on. Be that as it may, the tragic murder of 3-month pregnant Marwa remains a reality that cannot be reversed. We take solace in the fact that she died a Shaheed.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilayhi Raji’oon.

Report One:

Marwa El-Sherbini (pronounced Ash-Sharbeeni) moved to Germany four years ago when her husband, Elwi Ali Okaz, an employee at the Institute of Genetic Engineering at Egypt’s Menoufia University, was granted a fellowship at the Max-Planck-Institut in Dresden. On August 21, 2008, El-Sherbini was spending the day with her then two-year old son at a playground in the Dresden suburb of Johannstadt. An argument ensued between El-Sherbini, whose head was fully covered with a scarf, and a man passing by who had insulted her - calling El-Sherbini an “Islamist”, a "terrorist” and “slut."

Angered by the incident, El-Sherbini filed an official complaint against the 28-year old man, referred to in public records as “Axel W”. The man, reportedly a Russian of German decent who immigrated to Germany in 2003, was fined 780 Euros ($1,100) by a local court for calling El-Sherbini a “terrorist." Records indicate he had expressed his dislike of Muslims at his original trial.

Axel W, however, appealed the fine, and a state court agreed to hear the case in Dresden in early July. Minutes before El-Sherbini was to testify at the hearing last Wednesday, “Axel W” attacked her inside the court room and stabbed her 18 times with a knife in front of her three-year old son.

El-Sherbini died of her injuries on the court room floor.

German prosecutors said that as El-Sherbini's husband came to her aid, he was also stabbed by the attacker and then shot in the leg by a policeman who initially mistook him for the attacker.
He is now in critical condition in a German hospital, according to El-Sherbini's brother. Tarek El-Sherbini told an Egyptian television station, “They thought that as long as he wasn't blond, he must be the attacker so they shot him.”

Prosecutors in Dresden have said El-Sherbini’s killing was a racial hate crime. According to an Associated Press report, Dresden prosecutor Christian Avenarius said that El-Sherbini’s assailer “was driven by a deep hate of foreigners” and that he “harboured a deep hatred of Muslims."

Report Two:

The appeal hearing started in the late morning of July 1, 2009. Eight persons were present in the courtroom: a panel of one professional and two lay judges, the prosecutor, Alex W. as the defendant, his defence counsel, El-Sherbini as witness for the prosecution, and her husband and son as members of the public. No security personnel was present and the pockets of persons entering the court building were not searched, as is usual in cases where no security problems are anticipated and no person under arrest is present After El-Sherbini testified, 28-year-old Alex W. leapt across the courtroom and attacked her in front of her husband and son. Alex W. stabbed El-Sherbini 18 times, killing her. Some witnesses allege that he shouted “You don't deserve to live” as he attacked her. A policeman who was in the court building testifying in an unrelated case was called to the scene and mistakenly wounded El-Sherbini's husband by a shot in the leg while the latter was attempting to protect his wife. He had already been critically wounded in the attack by stabs to the lung and hip and was in a coma for two days Emergency services were called at 10:26 and four ambulances were dispatched, but the victim died on the scene Alex W. was arrested on the scene and is being held on remand and investigated on a charge of murder. His trial is expected to be in late 2009 or early 2010. As of 11 July 2009 he had made no statement to investigators

Where, one wonders, are the fighters for justice, who could summarily mete out just deserts to this perpetrator of terror? This act of terrorism by the Russian-born German moron comes hot on the heels of another incident of religious bigotry in Europe, though not as disastrous in its consequences: the French President’s attack on hijaab.

In a display of uninhibited and intense hatred towards Islam, the French president Sarkozy brazenly and unashamedly attacked Islamic hijaab in public, making ill-conceived remarks that one can only expect from a man as immoral as this Sarkozy drunk.

Hatred has spewed from their mouths, and what the heart conceals is far worse.( Al-Quran)

We will, insha Allah, refute the false notions of these ignoramuses, who vilify and reject the wonderful teaching of Hijaab. In a separate publication we shall prove conclusively that hijaab is the gateway towards restoring female honour. For the time being, Muslims must realize that the only way to combat our antagonists is to produce abundant a’maal. Practicing on our beautiful Deen is the most potent way of silencing our critics. The more they attack the Divine Teachings of Islam, the more we shall strive to revive those teachings on a universal scale. Our noble deeds will shout out louder than the ill-conceived remarks and ridicule they heap on Islam.

It, thus, follows, that when hijaab is being made the target of attack, our sisters should begin donning the hijaab in their thousands. Let our actions speak louder than protests. In fact, protests are useless if not backed by action. A Muslim can wage endless protest action, but in the eyes of Allah such action is futile when the Muslim himself or herself is guilty of neglecting the injunctions of Allah.

Almighty Allah states in Surah Aala Imraan, verse 186: “You shall indeed be tested with regards to your wealth and your (own) selves; and you shall certainly hear a lot of hate speech from those who were given the book before you (Jews and Christians), and from the idol-worshippers. But if you adopt patience (by ignoring the hurt) and taqwa (by practicing on your Religion) then surely this ranks among the great deeds.”