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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Martyred for Her Hijaab

The brutal murder of 32-year old Marwa EL-Sherbini in a German court, by a German savage seems to have slipped by mainstream media without even raising an eyebrow. Yet this was a typical case of religious terrorism that the West and its propagandist media so ardently condemn. Of course, by the rules of Western hypocrisy, the definition of terrorism depends entirely on who the victims are.

For years now we have reminded readers of how cheap Muslim blood is in the eyes of the West. The barbaric slaying of this young mother is another ominous reminder of this harsh and evil reality. Had the roles been reversed, with the victim being a white western female and the killer a Muslim, the incident would have grabbed world headlines like never before. It would have been the sensationalism that newshounds thrive on. Be that as it may, the tragic murder of 3-month pregnant Marwa remains a reality that cannot be reversed. We take solace in the fact that she died a Shaheed.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilayhi Raji’oon.

Report One:

Marwa El-Sherbini (pronounced Ash-Sharbeeni) moved to Germany four years ago when her husband, Elwi Ali Okaz, an employee at the Institute of Genetic Engineering at Egypt’s Menoufia University, was granted a fellowship at the Max-Planck-Institut in Dresden. On August 21, 2008, El-Sherbini was spending the day with her then two-year old son at a playground in the Dresden suburb of Johannstadt. An argument ensued between El-Sherbini, whose head was fully covered with a scarf, and a man passing by who had insulted her - calling El-Sherbini an “Islamist”, a "terrorist” and “slut."

Angered by the incident, El-Sherbini filed an official complaint against the 28-year old man, referred to in public records as “Axel W”. The man, reportedly a Russian of German decent who immigrated to Germany in 2003, was fined 780 Euros ($1,100) by a local court for calling El-Sherbini a “terrorist." Records indicate he had expressed his dislike of Muslims at his original trial.

Axel W, however, appealed the fine, and a state court agreed to hear the case in Dresden in early July. Minutes before El-Sherbini was to testify at the hearing last Wednesday, “Axel W” attacked her inside the court room and stabbed her 18 times with a knife in front of her three-year old son.

El-Sherbini died of her injuries on the court room floor.

German prosecutors said that as El-Sherbini's husband came to her aid, he was also stabbed by the attacker and then shot in the leg by a policeman who initially mistook him for the attacker.
He is now in critical condition in a German hospital, according to El-Sherbini's brother. Tarek El-Sherbini told an Egyptian television station, “They thought that as long as he wasn't blond, he must be the attacker so they shot him.”

Prosecutors in Dresden have said El-Sherbini’s killing was a racial hate crime. According to an Associated Press report, Dresden prosecutor Christian Avenarius said that El-Sherbini’s assailer “was driven by a deep hate of foreigners” and that he “harboured a deep hatred of Muslims."

Report Two:

The appeal hearing started in the late morning of July 1, 2009. Eight persons were present in the courtroom: a panel of one professional and two lay judges, the prosecutor, Alex W. as the defendant, his defence counsel, El-Sherbini as witness for the prosecution, and her husband and son as members of the public. No security personnel was present and the pockets of persons entering the court building were not searched, as is usual in cases where no security problems are anticipated and no person under arrest is present After El-Sherbini testified, 28-year-old Alex W. leapt across the courtroom and attacked her in front of her husband and son. Alex W. stabbed El-Sherbini 18 times, killing her. Some witnesses allege that he shouted “You don't deserve to live” as he attacked her. A policeman who was in the court building testifying in an unrelated case was called to the scene and mistakenly wounded El-Sherbini's husband by a shot in the leg while the latter was attempting to protect his wife. He had already been critically wounded in the attack by stabs to the lung and hip and was in a coma for two days Emergency services were called at 10:26 and four ambulances were dispatched, but the victim died on the scene Alex W. was arrested on the scene and is being held on remand and investigated on a charge of murder. His trial is expected to be in late 2009 or early 2010. As of 11 July 2009 he had made no statement to investigators

Where, one wonders, are the fighters for justice, who could summarily mete out just deserts to this perpetrator of terror? This act of terrorism by the Russian-born German moron comes hot on the heels of another incident of religious bigotry in Europe, though not as disastrous in its consequences: the French President’s attack on hijaab.

In a display of uninhibited and intense hatred towards Islam, the French president Sarkozy brazenly and unashamedly attacked Islamic hijaab in public, making ill-conceived remarks that one can only expect from a man as immoral as this Sarkozy drunk.

Hatred has spewed from their mouths, and what the heart conceals is far worse.( Al-Quran)

We will, insha Allah, refute the false notions of these ignoramuses, who vilify and reject the wonderful teaching of Hijaab. In a separate publication we shall prove conclusively that hijaab is the gateway towards restoring female honour. For the time being, Muslims must realize that the only way to combat our antagonists is to produce abundant a’maal. Practicing on our beautiful Deen is the most potent way of silencing our critics. The more they attack the Divine Teachings of Islam, the more we shall strive to revive those teachings on a universal scale. Our noble deeds will shout out louder than the ill-conceived remarks and ridicule they heap on Islam.

It, thus, follows, that when hijaab is being made the target of attack, our sisters should begin donning the hijaab in their thousands. Let our actions speak louder than protests. In fact, protests are useless if not backed by action. A Muslim can wage endless protest action, but in the eyes of Allah such action is futile when the Muslim himself or herself is guilty of neglecting the injunctions of Allah.

Almighty Allah states in Surah Aala Imraan, verse 186: “You shall indeed be tested with regards to your wealth and your (own) selves; and you shall certainly hear a lot of hate speech from those who were given the book before you (Jews and Christians), and from the idol-worshippers. But if you adopt patience (by ignoring the hurt) and taqwa (by practicing on your Religion) then surely this ranks among the great deeds.”


Aafiya's Pain is Our Shame

By Yvonne Ridley

Dr Aafiya Siddiqui cut a lone figure as she slowly turned her head around to survey the packed courtroom in New York a few days ago.

With her sad brown eyes, she peered beyond her off-white veil and olive green jilbaab which covered her frail body.

May be she was looking for a friendly face, but with the exception of one kind individual, she was to find herself completely alone - and not for the first time.

The brutal truth is we Muslims - and I include myself in this - have once again abandoned her in her hour of need.

With the exception of her closest family, Aafiya was almost completely forgotten as the years rolled by following her kidnap and disappearance from Karachi in Pakistan in March 2003.

Her cries for help from the dungeons of Bagram, home to some of the most unimaginable cruelty, were ignored by her American tormentors.

But the harrowing images and piercing screams of Aafiya, were eventually recounted by those who survived the Bagram experience.

Aafiya was brought back into our conscious by ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg. Through his book Enemy Combatant and from the graphic accounts of other Bagram survivors who also heard her screams and by the few who saw her there we now know the mother-of-three was brutalised and tortured in Bagram.

One account comes from ex-Guantanamo and Bagram detainee Binyam Mohammed who has given me an irrefutable eye witness statement confirming Aafiya was held in Bagram.

We now know thanks to Binyam and other once lost souls, that Dr Aafiya Siddiqui is Prisoner 650, The Grey Lady of Bagram.

And as we edged closer to the truth about her detention Aafiya suddenly reappeared in Afghanistan where she was shot by US soldiers. The FBI concocted a story which fools no one but the US judiciary.

Despite the platforms we have shouted from, the letters we have written and the petitions we have signed, she is still in the hands of her tormentors.

And those Americans who are clearly responsible for her kidnap, torture, detention and shooting are hoping that we Muslims will eventually run out of energy and lose interest in the plight of Aafiya once more. And shamefully, they’ve just about got their wish.

As Aafiya interrupted court proceedings to firmly reject government allegations that she tried to kill American soldiers and FBI agents in Afghanistan, very few listened.

“I did not shoot anybody, and I did not fire at any body,” Dr Siddiqui, 37, told the District Court, which was holding the hearing to determine whether she is competent to stand trial.

Government psychiatrists claim she is faking symptoms of mental illness in the hope of avoiding a criminal trial set for in October.

But for this one account below, Aafiya’s court appearance would have gone unrecorded.

I want you to read his words, and be thankful there is still someone around who will stand up and defend his sister.

“Today, when Sister Aafiya came and sat covered in her off-white veil and a olive green jilbaab that covered her whole body except for her eyes, she turned back to see a court room filled with non-Muslims and only one Muslim. She glanced once past me and returned for a second look. Perhaps I was the only face she felt was not in there to harm her. That is how she feels towards everyone else including her own defense attorneys.

“As the proceedings went on, she broke her silence as well as the court rules and spoke in her own defense saying she never shot anybody, nor is she against America. America has been framed in a war because of a misunderstanding. She has knowledge of those who caused it and this knowledge she has is the reason that all this has happened to her, because they don't want anyone to believe what she has to say about them."

“She also complained about physical harm as recent as THIS MORNING in the form of ‘forced gynecological exams ordered by the court’ that left her ‘aching all over.

“Today's hearing was in order to determine whether she is fit to stand trial or not. While both sides argued back and forth, Dr. Aafiya broke in from time to time to correct misleading statements from the witnesses saying ‘I want the world to know this’ after she corrected the false information.

“One such outburst from her resulted in the judge being forced to break for 5 minutes so the defense is able to calm her down. When she came back, she said ‘this court is the worst court ever’. At one time she told the judge that she wanted to relieve her attorneys but the judge didn't take her seriously and asked the attorney speaking at the time to continue speaking.

“It's funny that the hearing is to determine whether Dr. Aafiya Siddiqui truly understands and comprehends what she says, but when she said I want to relieve my attorney now, the judge reacted as if she doesn't understand what she is saying and is psychotic. If that is the case then why not approve the defense's motion that she is in fact psychotic and as a result the case should be dismissed and she should be given medical help?

“We have 56 or so Muslim countries in the world but one Aafiya Siddiqui who has 5 years of her life declared "missing" sat in her chair surrounded by non-Muslims, sympathetic and non sympathetic HELPLESS.

“No one from the Muslim leaders is able to pick up the phone and give a stern notice along the lines of ‘hands-off Afia Siddiqui’. Perhaps this is because many of them are oppressors and crooks themselves, and if they say something, Americans will put them in their lowly place by reminding them of what the leaders themselves have done.

“It truly saddens my heart to see the helplessness of the Muslims that such an egregious thing is happening but no one who has power can take a stand against it.

(Muslims in America pave the power to do something about this; the only question is, will we? Time will tell. - MS).”

I really don’t know who is MS, but I am eternally grateful to the brother for being there for Aafiya, for standing by her while we have failed her so badly.

It is vitally important our dear sister knows that there are Muslims out there who do care for her and I would urge each and every one of you to write to her.

Avoid sending anything too detailed or political, just a little note or card to let her know we are standing by her.

And to those Muslim brothers and sisters in New York, I beg you please do all that you can for Aafiya.

New York is home to 1 million Muslims and more than 100 masjids. This is the city where Tableeghi Jamaat has strong footings, where Salafis and Sufis are active. This is the city where Shias have their huge centers and where Pakistani Americans have a population of more than 300,000.

Despite this only one brother showed up in court. Indeed the shame is on all of us. But it is not too late. Please, if you do nothing else today, do this ... send the sister a note, a card a letter and tell her she is not alone, that we will not abandon her, and that you love her for the sake of Allah Ta’ala for she is our sister in Islam.

Send your mail to:
P.O. BOX 329002

For the full story of Dr Aafiya Siddiqui


Fitnah of Abrahamic Creed

Another sign of decadence in Muslims belief is the new nonsense that some people have latched onto, the heretic idea of following “The Creed of Abraham” at the cost of dispensing with Shariah. Some Muslims are saying they follow the creed of Hazrat Ebrahim (alayhis-salaam) not the Shariah of Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Let it be emphatically stated that such a belief renders one outside the fold of Islam.

This is akin to saying that one follows the Shariah of Eesa (alayhis-salaam) or Moosa (alayhis-salaam) and not the Shariah of Muhammad (alayhi-salaam). Is their any doubt in the kufr of such a person? A Muslim who professes belief in any creed or faith other than that of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam has without doubt, become a murtadd and is absolutely out of the fold of Islam. This new-found ideology is a direct result of people attempting to interpret The Holy Quran according to their own whimsical understanding. In the last issue of Al-Farouq we highlighted the dangers of self-interpretation of Quran, and the fitnah that arises from drawing uneducated and ill-conceived inferences from the verses of Allah Ta’ala without professional guidance.

The concotors of this false belief fell into manifest error when they misinterpreted the term Millat that appears several times in The Quran and Hadith. For example, Allah Ta’ala says: “And follow the Millat of Ebraheem, pure in Tauheed.”
According to all the commentators of The Holy Quran, the millat of Ebraheem (Alayhis-salaam) refers to the Pure Tauheed that he practiced; a tauheed that eschewed all forms of idolatry and polytheism; a conviction in Allah’s Oneness that was unprecedented. Our Rasool sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was commanded to follow this Tauheed, and so was his Ummat. However, as far as Shariah is concerned, Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was blessed with the final and supreme Shariah that is enshrined in The Book of Allah and Sunnah of His Rasool. Hence Almighty Allah states in Surah Jaathiya, verse 18: “Then We established you on a Shariah in religious matters, so follow it and do not follow the desires of those who are ignorant.”

This Shariah comprises laws, rules, and regulations, that govern every facet of our lives as Muslims and followers of Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Our tauheed is rooted in the Oneness practiced by Ebraheem (alayhis-salaam); this tauheed remained unadulterated over the centuries. But the Shariah by which we are bound is that of Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Our Rasool sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said: “I swear by The Being who controls my life, If Moosa (alayhis-salaam) was alive, he would have no choice but to follow me.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Bayhaqi)